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200 West Side , Niagara Falls, Ontario , L3K5K7  -   Map


SERVICES WE OFFER: LAWN MOWING Contracts include weekly mowing service from the first week in May until the end of September and three more visits at two week intervals. CORE AERATION Core-type aerator pulls cylindrical soil plugs from lawn to alleviate soil compaction and improve penetration of nutrients, water and oxygen to roots of plants. DE-THATCHING Power-raking machine passed over lawn to vertically cut and bring-up dead and horizontally growing grass (called thatch) and allow better penetration of nutrients, water and oxygen to plant roots. Thatch is then raked-up with fan rakes and disposed of. OVER-SEEDING Overseeding using premium seed mix for specific application (full sun, partial shade, full shade or high traffic areas). Often done in conjunction with core aeration and top-dressing with mix of soil, mushroom compost and pete moss. TOP-DRESSING Addition of 1/4 -1/2'' of soil mix composed of screened top-soil, mushroom compost and peat moss. Soil is spread over lawn and then raked in with fan rake. SOD INSTALLATION Existing lawn is removed (approx. 1'' layer) and soil is raked to provide flat and level surface. Soil may be added if specified in quotation. Starter fertilizer is spread and new sod is installed (Kentucky bluegrass). SOIL, MULCH AND STONE/AGGREGATE DELIVERY Bulk delivery of screened top-soil, garden soil, mushroom compost, river-washed stone, cedar mulch, pine mulch, sand or limestone aggregates (g.a., clear gravel, stone dust,...). Up to 5 cubic yards. GARDEN MAINTENANCE Weeding and edging of garden beds. Pruning of shrubs and bushes. Clean-up and trimming of perennials. FALL CLEAN-UP Raking and disposal of leaves and plant debris. LOT SWEEPING Parking lot sweeping using tractor mounted push-type broom. SNOW CLEARING AND REMOVAL We provide snow clearing of driveways using tractor mounted snowblowers and front end loader buckets.

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