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GTA Waterproofing

2398 Haines Road , Mississauga, Ontario , L4Y 1Y6  -   Map




Water is insidious - It can creep and seep in anywhere and, when it does, the problems it creates don't go away just because the sun comes out and dries it up. The old saying goes "In the contest between rock and water, water will always win." Water will win out against your concrete, your wood, your stucco and virtually anything that can erode or rot. An ounce of prevention . . . or, in this case . . . several gallons of quality waterproofing sealant, is worth far more than a pound of cure. The pound of cure you face can amount to multiple thousands of dollars, and is problematic whether it will be covered by your homeowner's insurance. Waterproofing your basement walls is a sound investment, and not only will save you money in the long run, but save you the headache of enduring basement renovation work that comes with smelly mildew, structural weakness, damp basements and unattractive water stains. GTA Waterproofing uses one of two top-quality waterproofing sealers to prevent water penetration of your subsurface basement concrete. A top product for waterproofing concrete is Hydro-Guard. Hydro-Guard is a liquid material that, when applied, forms an impenetrable membrane that prevents water penetration. Made from plastic-like modified elastomeric copolymers, Hydro-Guard can be applied to any solid surface and migrates into cracks, crevices and holes to provide a long-lasting, stable seal. It contains a built-in anti-microbial for mold and mildew resistance at the substrate level and dries in only 2-4 hours. Alternatively, GTA also uses AQUA-Block BB is a state-of-the-art coating which waterproofs old or new, structurally sound brick, cement block, stone or concrete basement walls leaving a white matte finish. Once applied, it provides 100% protection against fresh water, salt water, waste water and aggressive ground water. It seals small cracks, crevices and holes, and results in a permanent waterproofing treatment for the life of the underlying surface.

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