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Hyland Tree Care

112 Water Street, PO Box 762 , Peterborough, Ontario , K0L 2H0  -   Map


We offer a wide range of services including: Pruning Hazardous removal Planting Stump grinding Consultation 24 hour emergency service Mature Pruning Mature trees need pruning for many reasons including: structural problems, deadwood, encroaching on neighbouring property, and improving views, to name just a few. Timely pruning can address all the issues a tree faces, and greatly prolong its life and beauty. A mature tree can be monitored and pruned before problems escalate to the point where removal becomes the only option. Training Pruning Young trees can benefit from and, in fact, demand pruning to correct potential problems. This tree has a double stem. The vertical branch on the right has grown at such an angle that the tree is now nurturing it as though it is a main stem. That will lead to a competition for space that will ultimately cause the tree to fail. In the short term, the stem on the right should be pruned at its top to lessen its growth, subordinating it to the permanent main stem on the left. In a year or two the remaining portion of the right stem should be removed. Patience is important. While young, the tree needs all the leaf area it can get to produce a thick, healthy trunk. Prematurely cutting back too much at a young age can undermine a tree’s proper structural development. Hazardous Tree Removal When trees are at risk of failing or have overgrown their space and encroach on buildings, then it is time for professional tree work. Hazardous Tree RemovalOur trained arborists are adept at many skills and techniques, allowing us to use whatever the situation calls for: cranes, man lifts, lowering ropes, etc. We discuss relevant issues: property lines, septic tank locations, hydro and phone lines, etc. Whether big or small we will do the job courteously and professionally. Your satisfaction is our goal and promise for success. And, we do it all in a lean, efficient manner. We also only remove when necessary. Too often customers believe or have been told that removal is the only course of action, whereas pruning could be a very viable option. In these cases we discuss the potential risks involved and decide if pruning would sufficiently address the immediate needs or if removal is required. Planting If you haven’t bought a tree already, the first thing to do is discuss with us your desires for the space in which you want to plant. We can advise which species could do well in that location, or discuss other planting locations that might work as well, if not better. Next we do the planting. The size of the tree depends on your budget and location. The tree is secured with proper staking until it can support itself, usually a year or so, at which time we remove the supports. Finally, maintain the new planting: Compost and mulch for nutrients is placed around the tree at planting and replenished regularly (each season) if requested. Pruning as needed is done after two years and again if needed. Stump Grinding When all that is left of a tree is a stump, it is time to look at ways of rejuvenating the space. Stump Grinding What could best be done with the space, and when, are important considerations. Often, all that is needed is to remove enough of the stump to turf over the area, so the stump only has to be ground a few inches below soil level. Sometimes planting a new tree nearby is necessary. This involves more thoughtful considerations, such as: 1. Was the old tree diseased? If so, then the root system might infect a new plant. 2. What species was the old tree and what species is the new tree? There may be incompatibility issues between the two species. 3. How close will the new planting be to the old stump? Grinding significantly deeper than just a few inches may be required. Always call the toll free number 1-800-400-2255 first, however, to have underground pipes and wires located and marked. Finally, if you are willing to let nature take care of the stump naturally then there are plants that love to feed on stumps and so do very well planted on or near stumps. It will take a few years but it is cheaper and easier. Consultation Consultation is an in-depth, ongoing service to provide professional advice to meet your needs. An on-site estimate, which is a free service, is essentially an initial free consultation. If the size and scope of the job involve consultation visits beyond the initial estimate, those costs would be stated in the estimate. For example, I have been invited to come on site for a residential construction job where the customer wanted some opinions on how to best preserve the trees. I gave an estimate which involved checking the site and the tree’s condition. That was free. The customer wanted further visits to oversee the situation. Those further visits were paid consultation visits. Cabling Cabling and/or bolting can help make a tree more secure. However, it also complicates the situation in the long term. Thorough discussion is needed to determine the suitability of cabling vs. pruning. Deep Root Feeding Compacting of soil around trees prevents water and oxygen from being able to reach the roots. This compromises the tree’s ability to thrive. Creating holes up to 18” deep in the soil can alleviate the compaction. In addition, if the tree shows signs of nutrient deficiency, nutrients can be applied to the aerated soil. Insurance Claims Hyland Tree Care is registered with a number of agencies if insurance work is required. 24 Emergency Service We can respond anytime of day to serve your needs in an emergency.

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