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Integrity Contracting

789 Arrow Rd, Unit 8 , North York, Ontario , M9M 2L4  -   Map


Careful Planning, Attention to Detail and an Experienced Contractor are the Keys to a Successful Home Addition Project. Integrity Contracting offers a “Close-in” package for a quick and efficient renovation experience. We know renovating can be an overwhelming task for inexperienced home owners; it takes only a few mistakes to ruin your home & investments. We secure our customer’s homes and their peace of mind by providing our experience, our honesty & hard work with a proven record of completed home additions and full home construction. Our Full Service package reflects the many stages and the many specialties a renovation of this scale requires, from design stage to interior finishing. CONCEPT We consider your home’s design and the potential for Resale Value. We pay close attention to your own family needs and their requirements LEGAL REQUIREMENTS Working in tandem with Architects (your designer or our) we make sure that the work and changes to be performed in your home are in compliance with the provincial bylaws, and secure all permits in the process. INSPECTIONS At every stage on your projects live there are specific City ordained inspections. It takes a well rounded contractor, to harmonized and be on track with his sub-trades, to schedule, pass and resume work in a timely and efficient way up to the final occupancy inspection.All work is warranted to be made as per the Ontario Building Code. Our Close-In package is focused on getting your property completely boxed-in & clad meaning that all mayor structural work (Demolition, Excavation, Footings, Foundations, Framing & Outside Cladding Subs) are built by our own experienced staff in a timely & efficient way. IN HOUSE SERVICES INCLUDES: 1. Demolition 2. Footings 3. Foundation walls 4. Waterproofing & back fill 5. Framing 6. Windows and doors installation 7. Back frame 8. Insulation and vapor barrier 9. Drywall 10. Tape & plaster 11. Painting SUB-TRADES FOR A COMPLETE CLOSE-IN EXPERIENCE: 1. HVAC 2. Plumbing 3. Electrical 4. Exterior, Stucco, Brick, Siding, Soffits and Roof Shingles 5. Stairs and railing 6. Windows and door manufacture 7. All construction and specialty materials Note: We have our own heavy equipment for excavation and material handling; as well have several accounts with trade merchants and construction material providers. SOME OF THE MANY ADVANTAGES AND MONEY SAVERS OF OUR CLOSE-IN SERVICE: No down time. From your drawings and permits in place, we can start your project immediately from start to finish without having to deal with 6 or 7 different companies. No more wasting time on many visits & getting 3-5 quotes for every single trade and having to weed-out the least experienced and the exceedingly priced ones. You don’t have to stop or make time out of your established work and schedule to make sure the work is been completed in time and in accordance with the project’s specifics. No more organizing, ordering, staging and making sure you are on track with all your sub-trade’s requirements, payment draws and work progress inspections by yourself. No losses on wrong material and delivery mistakes. You won’t be responsible for verifying all of the trade’s legal paperwork, compliance with Workers Safety & Insurance Board, proper and up to date Insurance coverage for vehicles & equipment and all mandatory Trade’s Licenses and Mandatory Provincial Inspections. No more overspending on different companies who price their services as “Specialists” & “Experts” and find out later in the project that mistakes were made and will cost you to rectify them, or won’t finish as per the construction agreement and projects’ specifics. Note: Did you know that as a Homeowner/General Contractor for your own renovation, you are responsible for the safety of all who enter the premises and are liable to the Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board and that you are responsible for any damages to neighboring properties, even if it was done by your own sub-trades? Note: Did you know that if you do not have proper insurance for your project, or your sub-trades don’t have one in place, you are 100% liable for life and loss, and can be charge for negligence, and that your regular home insurance don’t cover any of the above? For your Addition, you Need a Contractor with Integrity and our Proven Record of Finished and Satisfied Customers. Call Us Today to Book an Appointment. Aim for Perfection..!

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