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Lundy Fence & Deck

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As anybody who owns property knows, there’s always a need to define borders. These are what keep pets safe and trespassers out. This is why it’s important to have good fence construction. At Lundy Fence and Deck, we specialize in residential fences and also custom designed decks for entertainment. In addition to being practical, fences can also serve a valuable aesthetic purpose. A well-made fence makes a fine addition to any outdoor area. There’s a good reason that the image of the farm with the white picket fence is so ingrained in the Canadian imagination; it creates the perfect picture of industry and harmony. There are many different kinds of boundaries, and chances are you’ll be able to find something to fit just about any situation imaginable. Fence and deck contractors can help you figure out and design what is best for your home or business. One popular example can be seen by our wood fence installation service. This can be used for any environments. Since you can paint them any color, they can match any design. You’ll have privacy and protection with a wood fence. We also recommend our chain link fence for sturdy boundaries to get your property safe, ornamental fence installation can add style and security to your home or office. Decks are also essential recreation area for entertainment of visitors on a nice summer day. Where there is a fence, there will also need to be a fence gate. The gate should be made of the same material and be done in the same style as the accompanying fence. You can be creative with the gate by adding some decorations to it, if you so choose. We can take care of the gate installation for you! You might also need fence or deck repair from time to time. Being in the outdoors, fences or decks do get exposed to the elements. Though sturdy fence construction will last a long time, it’s not unusual for them to need new coats of paint or replacement parts like broken post.

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