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MRT Duct Cleaning

132 Benson Drive , Barrie, Ontario , L4N 7Y3  -   Map


Duct Cleaning


Your Air Duct System when running is constantly taking in air through the cool air side of the system. Up to 10-20 pound of dust can build up every year inside the system. One ounce of dust contains thousands of dust mites. Chemicals that come off building material such as fire retardants - has now been showing up in women breast milk – contents in dust and other harmful bacteria, pollen, dead skin cells and mold. On top of protecting your health, clean system runs at maximum efficiency reducing the monthly bills and extending the life of your system, on average you should have your system cleaned every 4-5 years. Our variety of services includes but not limited to: Air duct cleaning Dryer vent cleaning Furnace cleaning Air filter supply, installation Eco-friendly disinfecting Fireplace cleaning Benefect Disinfectant application – coats the inside of the duct work and kills over 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and mold spores We only use products certified by EcoLogoM AirWash Systems installation is available Experience: Apartment Building/Condos Commercial offices Schools Medical facilities Retail Stores Malls 12 point inspection venting main duct work fan motor bearings heat exchanger thermal couple/igniters’ belts filter burners gas piping safety switches high limit

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