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(5 Reviews)

New Steel Roofers

Toronto, Ontario


Forget asphalt shingles that will fail in 8 to 12 years. For your next roofing replacement job discover the advantages of a lifetime metal roof by New Steel Roofers.

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    5 Reviews

    1.Great Job!

    Al and Eileen 1/20/2014

    We wish to express our appreciation for a job well done. We had a new steel roofer installed on our house in October 2008, and every day we feel better about our decision to have this done. The roof truly accentuates the overall appearance of our house. We have never experienced so much attention from neighbours and people passing by; some have driven into our driveway to ask questions from us concerning this lovely roof. With the roofing durability along with the energy saving features we feel we have made a real investment in our home, plus it carries a 50 year warranty, which is transferrable. The workmanship was excellent and very efficient, and everything promised was fully done, and one time. Our most sincere thanks are extended to New Steel Roofers Inc., and their very capable installation mechanics for a job well done! Special thanks to Max Guerra for all his help. Sincerely yours, Al and Eileen McNalley

    2.A truly enjoyable experience

    Denis 1/20/2014

    Dear Max, I am writing these lines to express my complete satisfaction with the work you and your team preformed on my house. While we originally were a bit weary about a steel roof on a Tudor style house, it proved to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. Not only was the roof style you suggested perfect, but the execution of the work was flawless. I was particularly impressed with your work crew. Throughout the whole project, they proved professional, friendly and mostly, efficient. I checked on the them almost every hour of every day and never did I have a feeling I was bothering them. Quite the contrary, they gladly answered all my questions, and showed me how they were going to proceed. They even came to me to ask if I was happy with the way they were doing this or that at various stages. This has been a truly enjoyable experience. Your work crew was excellent, your recommendations and attention to our concerns were excellent. Many neighbours came to have a look and all had positive comments on the work. Max, we are very happy with our new roof, its quality, its look, and with your company. We will gladly recommend your product and your company to anyone who asks. So, thank you very much for making this an enjoyable renovation project. Thanks for your professionalism and a great product. Very best regards, Denis L. Bousquet

    3.A pleasure to work with!

    Susan 1/20/2014

    Dear Max Guerra, I'd like to take the time to let you know how much I appreciated the fine work that you do and how much of a pleasure it was to deal with your men that were on site. Even the one that had trouble speaking English tired ever so hard to please me as a home owner. You and your men are such a shear delight to work with. It is such a rarity that you have so many polite and courteous men all in one company. I have no problems at all ever being a reference for the workmanship that you have preformed on our house. Thank you ever so much again, Mrs. Susan Pryde

    4. Install of our New Steel Roof

    Adeline and Bob 1/20/2014

    Dear Max, Bob and I are extremely happy with the recent install of our new steel roof. The installers Audrius and Redas are amazing installers. They are completely professional and perfectionists. It was a pleasure watching them work and chatting with them. They were extremely polite and are two very intelligent and talented men. They are extremely hard working and do a beautiful job. You can tell they take pleasure in their jobs and that is why they complete the job properly and perfectly. Thank you very much for making our new casa a beautiful casa. We will recommend your company as well as Audrius and Redas to our friends. Regards, Adeline and Bob Dickie

    5.Can't say enough about our New Steel Roof

    Tim 1/20/2014

    Me and my wife can't say enough about our new steel roof it looks great and the 2 men that installed It where very professional they cleaned up each day making sure no nails left in the driveway or in our yard where our dogs play. They did our house in 2 days and it looks great we are so happy that we went with this style of roof verses the old 3 tab asphalt shingles. I used to do roofing 20 years ago and we hand nailed the shingles now they air nail them blowing the nails through the shingles its no wonder the shingle don't last more than 10 to 15 years. The other week we had the wind storm and nothing moved with a fresh asphalt shingle I would have been very nervous as there has not been much sun out to seal them down but this system I didn't even think twice about the roof. Thank you for our new steel roof and a big thank you to our installers. Respectfully, Tim Penfold