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Duct Cleaning


Black mold prevention and removal: Sadly, each year, homeowners throughout the country find that their family has been sick due to their air ducts. Microorganisms can collect in ducts that are not frequently cleaned or are in poor repair. Moisture and dust encourage growth of these microorganisms, and you can get sick from inhaling them. The good news is that a professional duct cleaner can remove this type of infestation or work to prevent it from happening in the first place. Air filter installation: Do you need to remove particles from the air you breathe inside of your home? Various types of dust and pollen allergies can be relieved when air filters are installed in the central air ducts. While some systems are limited to single rooms, larger systems are maintained and installed by HVAC professionals. Fixing the room that is always too hot or cold: Sometimes, homeowners field that they need a larger HVAC furnace or air conditioner because one room does not seem to be the right temperature. In some cases, a larger unit with a bigger motor may need to be installed. On the other hand, a cheaper solution is to heaven air handler installed in the air ducts. This piece of machinery is small and it works to move the air throughout the home. In the end, the results you see are a house that is evenly heated and cooled. Smartphone controlled heating and air: Part of the magic of modern HVAC is the smartphone apps that allow you to control the central heat or air units remotely. To get this kind of high-tech feature, you will need to have a duct-cleaning professional install a device that replaces your old interface. Many times, this also includes the touchscreen versions.

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