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Phantom Screens / Ontario Screen Systems Inc.

1295 Eglinton Avenue East, Unit 14 , Mississauga, Ontario , L4W 3E6  -   Map


Welcome to Ontario Screen Systems! We have been serving customers across Ontario including Greater Toronto since 1994. We offer industry leading retractable screens and are proud to be among the highest quality door, window, and large opening product and service providers available. Whether you are a home owner, builder, or architect, we can help you install a custom screen that will protect you from UV rays and insects while beautifying the decor of your home. While standard screens are functional in improving ventilation and keeping insects out, they lack style and sophistication. The founders at Phantom Screens recognized this opportunity and introduced a better solution, a solution that has the customer’s aesthetic, lifestyle, and functional needs in mind. Danny Motkaluk discovered Phantom Screens while visiting a friend in Alberta in 1994, and he knew immediately that he had to bring Phantom to Ontario. At the time, retractable screens were so unheard-of. remembers Danny, With all of the advantages that retractability adds to the functionality of residential screening, I knew that homeowners would completely love it When he arrived back in the GTA, Danny told his business partner Stephen Attfield who is also his nephew about Phantom Screens, and their new venture, Ontario Screen Systems Inc was born. I grew up in the door and window industry says Stephen, whose grandfather began manufacturing aluminum doors and windows in his Etobicoke plant in the early 1960’s. Karl Motkaluk, who taught both his son Danny and daughter Carol the ins and outs of doors and windows, had passed along his entrepreneurial spirit to his grandson. I always knew that I would follow in his footsteps, providing great service and a great product that made homeowners homes more enjoyable. Stephen and Danny were impressed when they met with Phantom Screens, since Phantom’s owners and leadership team shared their focus on product quality and family values. Since that first meeting in 1994, when they became the exclusive distributors of Phantom’s professionally installed products in the province of Ontario, Stephen and Danny have grown Ontario Screen Systems Inc. to employ over 30 staff including Karl’s son, daughter, grandson and grandson’s wife, as well as Danny’s son, cousin and cousin’s two daughters. We’re proud to have installed over 90,000 Phantom Screens in Ontario, with so many more to come says Danny. My Dad would be so proud To this day, the company’s original Mississauga address still houses the Ontario operation, from which their professionally trained design consultants and installers are based. With over 120 years of combined experience specifying and installing retractable screens for clients’ homes, you can trust the Phantom Screens’ team to assist you in bringing fresh air and ventilation into your home, while keeping flying insects out What does Phantom Screens specialize in Homeowners have traditionally been faced with a number of dilemmas when it comes to screens. Traditional, framed screens are often functional but cover the decorative details and finishes of door systems, detracting from the home’s appearance from the street. Phantom Screens’ specializes in providing screening solutions that are both attractive and functional. Phantom’s wide variety of products can be used with literally any door, window or large openings, with retractable screens that disappear from sight when not in use. Double doors which are particularly difficult to screen, are easily and beautifully screened with double Phantom screens, increasing airflow into the home through both sides of the doorway, while keeping insects out. Outdoor kitchens, sitting areas and opening the home up to face the patio or pool using multiple double door openings are trends that have been increasingly popular in recent years. Difficulty screening such openings, however, has been a problem in the past enough so as to make homeowners hesitant about creating these spaces. Phantom Screens offers a wide range of screening solutions, including motorized screens as wide as 25 feet in one unit, making screening such previously impossible spaces not only feasible, but beautiful too.

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