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Prestige Duct Cleaning

107 Warren Rd , Richmond Hill, Ontario , L1N 2C4  -   Map


Duct Cleaning


Our technicians receive extensive on the job training, and we have worked with the Mechanical Systems Hygiene Institute to design a training course specifically tailored to our company. We take pride in our people, and all of our technicians are full-time permanent staff, not inexperienced seasonal or temporary employees. We use an exclusive Roto-Whip cleaning system to deliver the direct surface contact cleaning benefits of old-style brush cleaning combined with the safety of modern pneumatic cleaning systems. Unlike conventional air-wand or brush cleaning, the Roto-Whip system penetrates deeper into your duct system without the risk of damaging internal components or closing pre-set dampers and adversely affecting system airflow. We offer only one method of duct cleaning to our customers because we do not believe in providing a service that is lower than our highest standards. Our only method is our best method and there is no extra charge! The Prestige Duct Cleaning Process. Multi-Point System Check™ is performed. Furnace blower is cleaned. Sealed Access panels are created. Drop sheets and register covers are used as necessary. System is cleaned in "zones" using Roto-Whip™ safe cleaning method. 150-200 PSI Roto-Whip™ is used in every duct. Furnace is tested for ignition and fan operation. The outside of your furnace is wiped down.

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