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(5 Reviews)

Pro Pest Investigation & Solutions

241 Springdale Blvd , East York, Ontario , M4C 1Z8  -   Map


Pro-Pest enjoys a strong reputation among our many clients for the high quality, integrity and professionalism of our pest control services.

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    5 Reviews

    1.The mice are gone

    William 1/26/2012

    We tried another pest company to get rid of our mice, but the mice kept on coming back. The pros at Pro-Pest found the root of our problem and got rid of the mice fast. We have never seen the mice again.

    2.Very Humane

    John and Jodi 1/26/2012

    We had a raccoon living in our chimney causing all kinds of damage. Pro-Pest got the raccoon out and made sure that the animal was released at a wildlife sanctuary, which we thought was incredible humane.

    3.Thank you

    Terrence 1/26/2012

    When my wife and I discovered we had a serious rat problem, we freaked. Thank you Peter for not only eliminating our problem quickly, but for restoring the calm in our home.

    4.Pest Free

    William 1/26/2012

    Our house was hit with the triple whammy - mice, moths and carpenter ants. Pro- Pest took care of it all. And Peter, I'm proud to say that our home has been pest free for three years.

    5.No more raccoons!

    JC 1/26/2012

    I called Peter from Pro Pest to deal with a raccoon that had infiltrated my attic. The problem had persisted for several weeks and a previous pest control person was unable to rectify the situation. Peter was responsive to my concerns and attended on an immediate basis. He thoroughly inspected the attic, reviewed my roof for all possible areas of entry, installed a one way door and wire meshed the opening to prevent any further possible entry. Within 24 hours the raccoon had left our attic and hasn't returned. Peter followed up with me about the status of the problem and provided guidance about replacing and strengthening the aluminum siding to prevent such an occurrence from possibly happening again. He was friendly, clearly an expert in his field and his rates were very reasonable.