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260 Bartley Drive, Unit 5 , Toronto, Ontario , M4A 1G5  -   Map


We provide reliable and professional restoration services to residential, commercial and industrial customers across Ontario. Call us 24 hours a day for all your emergency needs 1-877-255-8441. Mold Testing and Removal Services we can provide: Expert Independent Mold Testing: We provide testing through an independent environmental laboratory who employs a variety of test methods. This provides independent accountability for our work and ensures we target the mold effectively. Determine & Eliminate Cause of Mold: This is important as we will be able to prevent your home from becoming infested with more mold in the future. Clean and Test: We can test all areas of your home, including crawl-spaces, air ducts, interior walls, attics, etc. This helps us to discover whether you have mold growth in hard to reach areas. And if so, we can clean, decontaminate and detoxify those areas. Water Moisture Removal & Dehumidifying: Often mold is caused by leaks, and the combination of water and heat. When this happens we can remove the moisture, to prevent future mold growth and prevent damage to the structure of your building. 24/7 Emergency Water and Flood Damage Services: Inspection & Assessments: So that you and your insurer know the extent of the damage, what needs to be replaced, and what can be restored. Industrial Strength Dehumidifiers & Fans: To dry out your property quickly and thoroughly. Disinfecting, Deodorizing & Sanitizing: To eliminate mold, harmful bacteria, and odor. Cleaning & Pack-Out Services: To protect your personal belongings. Secure Off-Site Storage Facilities: To keep your furniture and personal items safe, while we restore your property. Reconstruction & Repair Work: To repair any structural damage caused by flooding. Furniture & Carpet Cleaning: To restore your damaged floor coverings and furniture. Our experience extends to homes, condos, office buildings, small businesses, shopping malls, banks and more. Let us help you through these hard times and bring your home or business back to a pre-crisis condition.

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