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Royal Crown Aluminum Inc.

73 Galaxy Blvd., Unit # 8 , Etobicoke, Ontario , M9W 5X6  -   Map


With over 20 years in the business, we are committed to integrity and ethical standards in supplying GTA with the best aluminum products. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service in installing and repairing aluminum eavestrough(commonly referred to as gutters), siding, fascia and soffit. In order to achieve this, a manufacturing division was created that would build, supply and ensure the quality of our aluminum products. This allows us to provide 100% warranty on our work and parts. OUR POLICY Trust and Respect for Customers Proffessionalism and Experience High Technical Quality Speed and Agility Uncompromising Integrity Prompt Services and Repair of Imperfections Follow Up Calls to Maintain Exceptional Levels of Customer Service 5 year Warranty on Workmanship 20 years Warranty on Material EAVESTROUGHS An eavestrough (or gutters), purpose is to catch rainwater and snow runoff from the roof and direct it into the downspouts and away from your home. This helps to prevent standing water around your home that can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Furthermore, it minimizes the amount of water damage that your home will suffer from during the rainy season or even spring thaw, such as a leaky roof or puddles around your home that can cause brick deterioration or leak into the basement and damage inside the walls. Our company uses only seamless aluminum, which eliminates the chance of leakage and gives you a better value for your home. Available in 2 different shapes and in 15 different colours. EAVESTROUGHS CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Cleaning the eavestrough is never high on the priority list, but neglecting to have them flushed out so that rainwater and snow runoff can drain away from your home properly can extend to a variety of other home damages. For instance, pools of water that collect near the foundation, dangerous icicles hanging from the rooftop, a damp or flooded basement, streaked paint and siding, ridges in the ground beneath the eaves, rusting, and finally, plant matter that emits unpleasant odor. Royal Crown Aluminum uses only seamless aluminum, which eliminates the chance of leakage and gives you a better home value. Available in 2 different shapes and 15 different colours. SOFFIT Soffit provides essential ventilation to help prevent roof structure and rafter decay. Featuring a unique extra-rigid V-design, the panels easily lock together for a fast, professional finish. Soffit is available in vented and non-vented and in a range of pre-cut sizes. The dimensions of an eaves soffit depend on the structure of the roof. A roof with a wide overhang will have a correspondingly wide soffit, sometimes up to three feet (0.9 m) wide. A roof with very little overhang will have a narrow soffit, sometimes as little as three inches (7.6 cm). The soffit is more vulnerable to weather damage than any other part of the house. Wet materials rot, and a soffit can be repeatedly soaked by water from torn shingles, damaged or rusted flashing, ice dams, or poorly functioning gutters. Just like siding products, our soffit panels are noncombustible and are engineered for climate, so you can have peace of mind that your soffit products will stand up to the harshest elements no matter where you live. FASCIA Fascia is the forward facing strip that edges and protects the join between the roof and the walls. Produced in modern long-lasting materials, this product enhances your home as well as reduces the need for costly painting and maintenance. Fascia will protect your home's exterior from wetness, rot, pests and structural damage while providing low maintenance and care. No longer will you have to scrape old chipped paint to prepare your rakeboards and fascia for a fresh coat. Most fascia is made of either aluminum or vinyl and most homeowners will keep the material consistent regarding gutters, soffit and fascia. Different colours are also available to match your preference. GUTTER CLEANING SYSTEMS Gutter cleaning systems and the eavestrough leaf guard, prevent leaves, debris, ice and snow from building up in your existing eavestrough. If you have to get up on a ladder to clean your eaves troughs because of the trees around your home, you know that not only is it a tedious and unpleasant task, it's also dangerous; not to mention the extra cost you pay someone else to do it for you. With a gutter cleaning system, and leaf guard, say goodbye to upkeep and cleaning costs. Leaf guards keep the leaves and snow out of your eaves troughs so they keep doing their job all the time! And if leaves land on the eavestrough protection, a slight gust of wind is all it takes to make them disappear. Royal Crown Aluminum Inc. uses the best Gutter Clean System in the industry, Alu-Rex M5300 with rubber, which shingles sit on, it's installed with existing hangers on existing eavestrough or Alu-Rex M 5200 which doesn't require hangers and can only be installed on new eavestrough. Before starting on any home improvement project, carefully consider project costs versus family use, improved appearance, and increased market value potential to your home. Plan your project carefully in advance, with plenty of time to shop around for best prices and selection of materials – as well as qualified contractors and other professionals to help get the job done right! Be sure project meets building code requirements, and all permits are obtained before beginning the project. Plan well within your budget with funds to spare for unexpected expenses.

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