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Royal Stone Landscaping & Design

3560 Rutherford Road, , Unit 33 , Woodbridge, Ontario , L4H 3T8  -   Map


5 Basic Elements of Landscape Design LINE is the most important design element in your landscape and the one that will be considered most often. Curved lines are used for a more informal look, while straight lines give your landscape a more formal and orderly appearance. TEXTURE in the landscape is defined in 3 groups. Coarse includes plants, structures and hardscapes that are bold and large. Medium texture takes in many plants and smaller structures. Fine includes plants such as ferns and grasses and structures that are thin and delicate. FORM in the landscape is the shape and structure of your plants, hardscapes or garden structures. COLOUR has the most visual impact in the landscape. Blues, purples and greens are calm colours that tend to move away from you. Whereas warm colours like red, orange and yellow seem to bring things closer to you. SCALE or proportion in the landscape is simply the size of your plants or structures and how they relate to each other and the area you are landscaping.

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