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Ruthven Roofing

1722 Union Ave , Ruthven, Ontario , N0P2G0  -   Map


The owner will personally assist his crew on every job until the job is done to the home owners request. He always makes sure their work area, yard are cleaned. Here at Ruthven Roofing we would like you the consumer, to be educated and informed to better understand the terms regarding roofing. We hope you find this information useful. Layers This term is referring to the number of LAYERS of shingles that are on your roof. Generally the more layers of shingles the higher the cost will be to replace. If one layer of shingles is present manufacturer and building code allow two layers on your roof. However, most companies will not carry warrantee for their work. Square The unit of measurement used for roofs. 1 SQUARE is equal to a 10x10 area or 100 sq feet (9.29 m2) . Tear-off Referring to anything that needs to be removed from the surface of the roof (layers of shingles or plywood). Ice and Water Shield This is a durable waterproofing membrane to seal valley’s in around chimneys, and at eves to add protection against ice and water damage. Felt paper An underlayment that provides added protection to your roof. It's also recommended by the Ontario Building Code and most shingle manufacture's. Vents Ventilation is essential to prolong the life of your roof. The Ontario Building code states that for every 300 square feet of roof, there is to be one vent. The best ventilation is a ridge vent. It's a continuous went along the ridge of the roof. Drip Edge A drip edge is a modified L-shaped aluminum flashing used along the eaves and rakes of a roof. Runoff water is directed into gutters & away from fascia. Shingle The final step of your roof. They must be installed according to manufacture's instructions to meet the warrantee requirements different shingles have different installation methods. Labour When you hire a roofer, they should always give you a few names from previous jobs for you to call for a reference. They should measure your roof for an accurate estimate. If you have any questions regarding your estimate, be sure to ask questions. All clean up should be included in your estimate.

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