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The HVAC system shall be cleaned using Source Removal mechanical cleaning methods designed to extract contaminants from within the HVAC system and safely remove contaminants from the residence. No cleaning method, or combination of methods, shall be used which could potentially damage components of the HVAC system or negatively alter the integrity of the system.(Our Residential Duct Cleaning Process) All methods used shall incorporate the use of vacuum collection devices that are operated continuously during cleaning. A vacuum device shall be connected to the downstream end of the section being cleaned through a predetermined opening. The vacuum collection device must be of sufficient power to render all areas being cleaned under negative pressure, such that containment of debris and the protection of the indoor environment are assured. All vacuum devices exhausting air inside the building shall be equipped with HEPA filters (minimum efficiency), including hand-held vacuums and wet-vacuums. All vacuum devices exhausting air outside the facility shall be equipped with Particulate Collection including adequate filtration to contain Debris removed from the HVAC system. Such devices shall exhaust in a manner that will not allow contaminants to re-enter the facility. Release of debris outdoors must not violate any outdoor environmental standards, codes or regulations. All methods require mechanical agitation devices to dislodge debris adhered to interior HVAC system surfaces, such that debris may be safely conveyed to vacuum collection devices. Acceptable methods will include those, which will not potentially damage the integrity of the ductwork, nor damage porous surface materials such as liners inside the ductwork or system components. We are Pleased to Provide Our Residential Cleaning Services: HVAC systems ductwork Furnace cleaning Central Exhaust Systems Dryer vent cleaning Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust Chimneys, Water Heater A/C coil cleaning High Velocity System

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