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Toolbox Renovations

1118 McBriar Ave , Victoria, British Columbia , V8X 3M6  -   Map


You should never be in a rush to break ground and start ripping your basement apart. Toolbox Renovations always begins this process with a meeting of the minds including the homeowner, plumber and electrician. This meeting will go over the location of all elements of the existing plumbing, discuss the addition of plumbing elements, and review the overall layout of the basement. This is essential to planning and carrying out a successful, safe basement renovation. You will want to control the temperature of your renovated basement space, so a plan for heating and ventilation is developed at the beginning of the project as well. Some homes may require the addition of a heat pump while others will require a complete replacement of the furnace. This is a good time to update to a more efficient furnace if you know that yours is outdated. This planning takes time, but it also ensures a more successful renovation project. Whether you need to fix drainage problems in your basement or you just want to create a more comfortable living space for your loved ones, if you are in the Victoria area, Toolbox Renovations can give you the expertise you need to complete the job in a timely and affordable manner.

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