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Upper Canada Tree Services

P.O. Box 245 , Markham, Ontario , L3P 3J7  -   Map


Founded In 1997, Upper Canada Tree Services Has Been Growing Strong Ever Since. PROFESSIONAL PRUNING Pruning is one of the most important aspects of tree and plant care, as it makes certain that your plants and trees look beautiful and maintain their health. This is done by removing the weak, dead, storm damaged, diseased, or interfering branches. Further more, pruning can provide directional growth patterns for new trees, minimize the risk of storm damage, provide clearance for streets, sidewalks, driveways, structures and overhead lines. EXPERT TREE PLANTING To ensure that your new trees or plants will be planted in the most ideal place for all natural and unatural elements, have a tree care professional do it for you. This will guarantee that your plants and trees will have a healthy start. We can install up to 90mm (3.5 inches) diameter using only hand tools, so there isn't any damage to your yard or landscaping. TREE REMOVALS Why Remove a Tree? Sometimes a tree's condition can become so poor in health, or situated in such a potentially hazardous area, that the best option is to simply remove it. Why Use an ARBORIST? The removal of a tree is often a complex and dangerous procedure, which is why it is not a good idea to try it by yourself. There are often many objects around trees that must be avoided: other trees, houses, and cable lines, just to name a few. Due to these hazards, it is advised to have a tree care professional do the removal for you in order to ensure everyone's (and everything's) safety. STUMP GRINDING Stump removals are a great way to get rid of unsightly tree stumps from your backyard, and can help make room for a new tree, grass or garden. We have 3 sizes of stump grinding machines, 2 that can be lifted by hand and 1 large machine. We can grind any stump, almost anywhere. MULCHING Ask yourself this question: how much grass do you see in the forest? Grass is a major competitor for moisture and nutrients. Mulch helps insulate the ground to keep the trees roots cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter; so it retains moisture, alleviates compaction and adds nutrients. Any weeds that grow in mulch are very loosely rooted, so they pull out very easily. Mulch also helps protect roots and stems from lawn mower and string trimmer damage. Besides all the benefits that mulch provides, it is also attractive, plentiful, easy to work with, and inexpensive. CABLING & BOLTING Help Prevent Failure...... Cabling involves the installation of either steel cables or synthetic rope systems into the crown of the tree. These cables are installed between the major limbs that have been identified as potentially weak to help support the poor branch unions. Cables can also help reduce the potential damage incurred during high winds and snow, even if a structural defect has not been identified, simply by adding support. Bolting involves drilling through the crotch of the tree that has been identified as weak, and installing a metal rod with nuts and washers on each end. This process is used in conjunction with cable installation. FERTILIZATION Proper nutrient availability is one of the key components to plant health. When trees have grass planted over their root system, the competition for nutrients is high, and the grass usually gets it first. Also, before new home builders begin construction on a site, the first thing they do is scrape off all of the organic topsoil, and only replace a fraction of what was taken off. This reduced soil volume greatly restricts the amount nutrients available to the plant material. Through proper fertilization we can help amend the soil that is in place to add nutrients back into the root zone. Whether your home is 1 or 100 years old, your trees and shrubs will benefit from our slow release fertilizer, which will help them resist insect damage, disease, and drought. INSECT & DISEASE MANAGEMENT Damage to your trees and shrubs caused by insects, disease, and fungus, can greatly reduce a trees ability to stay healthy and fight off future pests. Frequent defoliations can contribute to a plant beginning a spiral of decline, which can be very hard to stop and reverse. At Upper Canada Tree Services, we strive to provide the most effective solution to all insect and disease problems. PERMIT APPLICATION We Do it for You...... With the new legislation introduced in the City of Toronto, you now require a permit to remove large trees. These permit applications must be accompanied by and Arborist Report on the condition of the tree to be removed. At Upper Canada Tree Services, we can apply for the permit on your behalf, complete all the paperwork required, and once approved, complete the removal for you. CONSULTATION In recent years, municipalities have become more stringent when it comes to the protection of the trees in their jurisdiction. When applying for building permits they often ask for Tree Inventories, Tree Protection Zone Requirements, and Arborist Reports. We can provide all of the appropriate reports necessary to get your project started. A Second-Generation Tree-Man, Working Full-Time In The Business Since 1995. ISA Certified Arborist Member in Good Standing of International Society of Arboriculture Government Licensed Land Exterminator Graduate - Urban Tree Maintenance Program - Humber College Cutter/Skidder Certificate - Ontario Training and Adjustment Board Safety in Line Clearing Operations Certificate - Electrical Utilities Safety Association of Ontario Our General Service Area Is The East Side Of The GTA. We regularly service an area bounded by Hwy 400, Simcoe Street (Oshawa), Lake Ontario, and Lake Simcoe. However, we have worked as far out as Oakville, Ottawa, and Cottage Country.

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