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Windsor, Ontario




Waterproofing Basements in Windsor, Ontario is about the same as waterproofing in just about any other city anywhere. We are a specialty contractor for waterproofing in Windsor and in the local area. We are basement waterproofing specialists with many years experience in this business. We hope you enjoy our website, so please take your time and read the entire page. Basement waterproofing comes in many different types. Rod Hole Repair, wall crack repair, foundation repair, soggy cinderblocks, and French drain work. Each one of these jobs is different and a different type of problem needs to be done in a unique way in order to solve the problem . Rod holes are left over from construction of the original basement. They need to be fixed one way. Wall cracks need to be injected with foam or epoxy. Soggy cinderblocks are something else, which means the foundation is made out of concrete blocks instead of poured concrete. This needs something drastically different for repair. French drains are something altogether different and go underground and do a different thing. They empty the ground of water. This lowers water pressure and lowers the water table nearby. Don’t forget the mighty Sump Pump. Just what is a sump pump? The sump pump is probably one of the best inventions since World War II for keeping basements dry. This is a tool that we use as a submersible pump to carry away all that extra water that we gather with other methods underground. This is a great piece of insurance for making sure that we don’t have to come back anytime soon.

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